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Our aim with the Dance Academy is both to discover and support new talents and to give young people who are otherwise not heard a chance to express themselves and to find recognition. It is our vision to create a cross-generational meeting place.

But why actually dance?

In fact, dance is the best possibility to combine activity, musicality, emotion and passion. Whether young or old - we all have emotions inside of us which we are not able to catch in words or about which we do not dare to talk about. Still, they exist and sometimes, we need to feel, experience and express them. Here, you can find the right time, the right surrounding and the right atmosphere for those things. 

Dance creates connections that are independent of age, gender, social backround, religion or language. It is the oldest language in our world and a language that everybody is capable to understand. 

The hip hop culture is deeply rooted in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. However, regular dance events and battles as well as the promotion of young people are barely happening and only in the region around Rostock. 

That is the reason why we see our mission in re-establishing the urban dance culture in other regions of Mecklenburg Vorpommern. There are many young and motivated people here who are interested in dance but not yet had the possibilty to pursue their interests, to discover their passion and to explore the diversity of dance. Moreover, there are many former dancers as well who lack the right placement to rediscover their motivation and passion. And that is exactly the point where our work comes in  - it is our vision to help the urban dance scene in Mecklenburg Vorpommern to reach new heights. 


A major goal for the coming years is the formation of several dance crews, consisting of young talents from all over Mecklenburg Vorpommern and with them the participation at the "Battle of the Year" and other big dance competitions. In cooperation with Theater Vorpommern, there will also be annual dance shows with the dancers of the Dance Academy and national professional dancers.

Dancing means more than just dancing. 

In the Dance Academy we support you in many ways on your way to a mental and physical balance. Dance training, fitness, healthy nutritution, connections and finding inner peace - #thisisDAP. 

To prepare and support your body for all the physical exercises, we offer a high variety of fitness programmes both in groups and individually in our fitness and tricking area. Distance from everyday stress and inner peace you will find in our separately furnished yoga and pilates area.

Between your classes you can relax yourself in our Dance up Café and convince yourself of the nutritionally-conscious culinary offer. 

The Dance up Café is situated in the middle of our dance school and is an ideal contact point for a wide range of target groups. Whether for students who want to work in a creative environment or for parents who bring their children to dance classes. Connections are created here all by themselves.  




My name is Alexander Leutloff, I am a freelance dancer and breakletics trainer.
Through the dance film "Step up" I got in touch with dance for the first time and

started to imitate the moves at the age of 13 and tried them out at every opportunity.

At the age of 14, I joined the Flying Steps Academy which is my second home until today.

For the first time in my life, I had found a place where I could be who I am.

In my dance school I not only found a place to dance, but also a family

...and most importantly, I have found myself and this has changed my whole life until today.
My studies brought me to Mecklenburg Vorpommern after I finished school. 

The dance culture and the high number of possibilities to train as I was used to

from Berlin were missing here despite a high demand from pupils and students. 

From this lack arosed my desire to give the dance culture in Mecklenburg Vorpommern

a new life and a new home. 



Tel.: +49176 32544960


Instagram: aletix.official

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